Price Discovery in precious metals market: A study of Gold


Gold is the oldest known precious metal on this earth and for a long time it has been used as a standard currency. The present study has been undertaken with an attempt to analyze whether Indian futures market is playing its role of price discovery in case of gold or not. For the purpose of study, data for spot and futures prices for a period of four and a half years starting from June 2005 to December 2009 has been collected from the website of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited, India’s largest commodity exchange in terms of value of trading on commodity exchanges in India. Data has been tested for statioanrity and was found non stationary. It was then transformed to make it stationary. On the basis of Johansen’s cointegration test, series of spot and futures prices were found cointgrated. Granger Causality test was applied on stationary data. The results of the study show that futures market in India is performing its role of price discovery in case of Gold. Keywords: Price Discovery, Commodity Market, Granger Causality, Cointegration.