Original Valentine's Day Lessons for All Grades

Although it’s tempting to treat Valentine’s Day like Halloween and simply throw a party and call it a day, there are some ways that you can gear your lesson plans toward Feb. 14.

Recently we ran a piece on how to do just that – so you don’t have to give up valuable learning time to just throw a class party. Our ideas included:

  • Create Valentines with a Curriculum Twist
  • Reading & Writing Love Stories, Poems, Sonnets or Songs
  • Cupid & Love in Mythology
  • And More!

What are your go-to classroom activities for Valentine's Day?

Classroom Management: Solve the Hand-Raising Problem

Today, we examined the problem of the chronic hand-raiser – that student who, despite what else is going on in the classroom, keeps his or her hand in the air with an expectant question or comment.

The problem is that the chronic hand-raiser is wasting valuable amounts of time with his or her hand in the air while you are tending to other things. For instance, he or she could move ahead and study other things while waiting until you are free.

Frequent TeachHUB.com contributor Janelle Cox uses some classroom management techniques today to address the problem of the chronic hand-raiser, including:

  • Using signs or signals rather than hand-raising
  • Use craft sticks rather than hand-raising
  • Try the Quantum learning method
  • And more!

What do you do when your students raise their hands too much in class? Do you have any tricks or tips that you would like to share?

Video: Learning Retention for the Special Education Teacher

Check out this video that we recently published on TeachHUB magazine, always available for free, in which we outline ways that ways that the special education teacher can increase their students’ rates of learning retention.

Not surprisingly, learning retention doesn’t differ that much from student to student regardless of his or her academic acumen, but there are some unique ways that a special education teacher can insure that the lessons they administer won’t be forgotten after the test is over.