Technology in the Classroom for Struggling Teachers

Although many teachers these days have embraced technology in the classroom and are using it to the full extent of its capabilities, some educators are still loathe to get on board. Perhaps they don’t fell comfortable using technology in the classroom, maybe they simply don’t have access to all the high-speed bells and whistles, or maybe they just don’t see it as a priority.

Whatever the reason, many teachers still simply don’t use available technology in the classroom, frequent contributor Jacqui Murray notes in today’s post. So Jacqui offers up 10 tips for teachers struggling with technology in the classroom, including:

  • Try to figure it out yourself
  • Ask for help
  • Attend webinars
  • And more!

Jacqui ends her article with an inspirational charge for using technology in the classroom: “By transferring knowledge, leveraging what you do know, and allowing for flexible learning paths, you can develop the habits of mind that will make yourself comfortable with the new educational paradigm.”

How have you acclimated yourself to using technology in the classroom?

14 Educational Websites Students Will Want to Visit

Another technologically focused article that’s been trending on recently is one that calls out our top educational websites that students will enjoy.

Of course, number one is Minecraft, the Lego-like sim world where players build homes, cultivate farms, and fend off imaginary villians.

But beyond Minecraft, there are many FREE websites that will assist you in creating an engaging curriculum for your classroom, including:

  • iCivics
  • MissionUS
  • Coffee Shop
  • And More!

What educational websites do you recommend?

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