Super Bowl Classroom Activities

Arguably professional sports’ biggest day, Super Sunday has become a near holiday in the U.S., with both television ratings and advertising costs skyrocketing each year.

The game’s popularity makes it a perfect event around which to plan all kinds of classroom activities that revolve around just about any subject, from social studies to language arts to history to even nutrition.

Today, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox walks us through several different classroom activities pertaining to the Super Bowl, including Super Bowl activities for the following subjects:

  • Art
  • Science
  • Math
  • And more!

All in all, Janelle’s recommendations will take advantage of the excitement surrounding the game and get your students revved up to learn.

How will you celebrate this year’s Super Bowl in your classroom? Do you have any fun activities planned?

Should American Schools Go Year Round?

It’s the perennial debate, and it’s one that will affect families, government agencies, the day care industry and just about every other occupation imaginable: Should American schools go year-round?

A trending, recently published article on addressed the debate exhaustively, spelling out the pros and cons and the ways the change will affect lifestyles and industries.

Would the benefits of year-round schooling be worth it? Would it solve the problems currently affecting education? Read our article and formulate your opinions!

Where do you stand in the year-round education debate?

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