GULABO SITABO: Not the “Pehle Aap” Lucknow

The two puppets are being played on the stage, as sisters, named, Gulabo, and Sitabo. They seem to fight a lot. Hence here’s the movie “Gulabo Sitabo”. Amitabh Bacchan as Mirza, who was deeply in love with the mansion, for which he married a woman 19 years older than him, named Fatima Begum. This is the love story of a landlord and his mansion whose lovestory gets introduced by a villain as the tenant named Bankey Rastogi, owner of a flour mill. He made his work place, his place to romance with his girlfriend, whom he wanted to marry, but as the women’s legacy continues, no money, no honey.

Beside having issues in love stories, Bankey has several other issues in his life, like Mirza, to be sure. Mirza steals his 100watt bulb and sells those in the nearby Bhangar Shop at a very low price, this clearly shows, Mirza had no idea of the market and the price. 

One day, Bankey gets a hard nature’s call and amidst the pressure he pressurises the old wall of the loo, and eventually it rolls down. And the case goes to police station, and a new character gets introduced, Gyanesh Shukla, the ASI expert, also a dealer for the ex-MLA of Lucknow, as his boss was the brother in law of the MLA. This all chaos resembles the confusion and entanglement in Mirza’s love story. 

Gyanesh and Bankey gets teamed up to posses the mansion, which creates a sense of insecurity in Mirza, and he teams up with a lawyer who tries to empty the mansion from the tenants. And than this chaotic love story of an Old Man and his Wife’s mansion continues with the tenants as major villains. This whole story can be streamed on Amazon Prime, anywhere, anytime. 

There are many scenes which will make you think about the character Mirza, beside the acting of Sir Amitabh Bacchan, who is outstanding in doing justice to the character, and there’s other great actors too, like Ayushmaan Khurrana, Vijay Raaz. All actors were brilliant in direction of Director Shoojit Sircar. The story of materialistic love is very beautifully shown and the story gets a mixed rating everywhere. IMDb rates it 6+ out of 10. Whereas on other platforms it has the same mid range rating. 
The Lucknow’s polite ‘Pehle Aap’ is shattered in this movie, the conversation of Bankey and Mirza shows the bitter relationship of a landlord and tenant. The story also shows, that Mirza has his own world created within the mansion, and he didn’t have much idea about the outer world and its rapid changing rates. Bankey who lived with 3 sisters and his mother in a 1 room house, shows though he owned a flour mill and everyone expected him to be rich, but his untimely failed romance led him to a filty lifestyle. The story has many other symbolic and memorable events with a touch of comic. Lastly, this is a perfect movie to watch with your family, and if you have a landlord or tenant, than you can invite them too for occupying the seat beside you. ;)