Nepotism:The Legacy of Terrorism.

Nephew, son of one’s own brother. This is a relation which gave birth to a new word, nepotismo, the Italian word which is based on it. Nepotism is not a recent issue, it has been a challenge for the world for ages. The Popes and bishops, who had taken vows of chastity, and therefore usually had no offspring, often were ascended by their nephews. This culture of relative elevation led to a papal ‘dynasty’. Nepotism is understood as choosing an unfit person over a fit one for a position, just because you like him. It is also understood, that side-liningl real talent and skills for favouring someone you like would lead you to several follies. 

Nepotism exists in different sectors of the society, and are of several types. 
Some of those types are:-
Political Nepotism- The most infamous sector which has been suffering from this nepotistic syndrome for a long time. Often a political party is led by the offspring or the successor of the founder. One of the most powerful position is held by someone without considering his qualification for holding the post. For example: the chief of Congress, must be Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi, as the Gandhi family has been leading the Congress party for years
Entertainment Nepotism-This sector was having a large nepotistic influence recently, but no one spoke against it firmly. Few artists dared to speak about such ill-practices in the industry. But, few lost their careers and even life due to this nepotism. Sushant Singh Rajput is one of the recent victim of Bollywood Industry’s nepotism. 

Sports Nepotism- Sports have been a domain, where talent and skills are highly required to keep your position stable. But, always a try is made to introduce some players who are either relative of the retired players or those of the selection board members. Stuart Binny has been the major example of nepotism in sports.
Legislative Nepotism-Legislature have been the pillar of Indian democracy. The country’s all major plans and proposals are framed and implemented by the legislature. Thus, it needs people with finest brains and skills, but nepotism exist in the parliament, as well. The nominated members or the ticket allocation, are the major sites for nepotism in Indian Legislature. 
Business Nepotism- Private sectors are popular for their work oriented culture. It is considered that in business culture, the one who works well is praised. But, here promotion is the most celebrated occasion for nepotists. The one who is well connected to the higher officials are more likely to get promotion irrespective of the skills and work working capacity.
Religious Nepotism- Religion is now a new form of patriotism. It has been assigned with a particular colour, colours are now symbol of a respective religion. How insane, isn’t it? However, nepotism exists even there. A pandit’s son is the future pandit. A maulana’s son is the next mulla. Gita and Quran are now sidelined, the legacy and teaching of father, is the new religious preaching. 

All the above form of nepotism, exists in society. I’m pretty sure, other exist, too. But lets discuss the havoc these forms brings to us. The havoc which is similar to terrorism’s. Terrorist’s main agenda is to kill people and harm them at every possible form. Nepotism is no different. Nepotist’s attack those with real talent and skills, they demotivate them, they demote them, they try to make them feel inferior.  Nepotists make them realise their faults every time. And, unlike the terrorists, they don’t use ammunitions. They use even more harsh weapon, that’s words. Words have always been the most harmful weapon used by humanity. 
The recent example of Nepotistic Terrorism is the case of Sushant Singh Rajput. This case might appear to be a suicide, but its a murder. A murder committed by nepotism and nepotists of Bollywood. Nepotists tried every possible means to demote him and make him feel leftover. He was made emotionally isolated and his professional life was messed up by those nepotistic producer, holding power in the B-town. 
Although, the Bihar’s small town boy committed suicide, which was never a solution. But, his death won’t go in vain. Public has been outrageous towards such nepotistic producer and their films. Twitter was trending with their boycott hashtags. Nepotism has always been, is and always will be the destroyer of skilful and talented people’s career and promoter unreal talents. It has always been delivering havoc to every sector of society, where it exists. Skills and nepotism cannot exist in a development seeking society.