Two Days Interdisciplinary International e-Conference on Impact of COVID-19 on Various Areas of Global Economy, Science & Humanities

Name of Conference: Two Days Interdisciplinary International e-Conference on Impact of COVID-19 on Various Areas of Global Economy, Science & Humanities
Date of Conference: 24 & 25 June 2020
Venue: Virtual Conference
Organized by: Collaboratively organised by Gondwana University Gadchiroli, Chintamani College of Commerce, Pombhurna; Chintamani Mahavidyalaya, Pombhurna; Chintamani Mahavidyalaya Ghugus; Chintamani College of Arts and Science, Gondpipri; Chintamani College of Science, Pombhurna
URL of the Conference:
Brief of Conference: e-Conference organised for academic development
Theme and Sub-Themes: Economics • Future of work system after COVID-19 Economic opportunities for India after locked down Effect of locked-down on employment & wages • Central & State Govt. Packages- need, role, advantages & challenges. • Challenges in safely reopening the economy Impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the economic development of country. • Thinking locally Acting Globally! (Based central government vision for reopening the economy) • Role of the employees in globe development after the scenario of the Covid-19 crisis. • Pricing policies of firm or industry after locked down. • Effect of COVID-19 and locked down on production cost. • Migration of labour during locked down & its effect on MSME’s • Effect of locked down on factors of production. • Challenges in balancing income & expenditure for individual, firm & government • Impact of COVID-19 on long and short term policies and strategies • Global socioeconomic impact of covid-19 • Impact of COVID-19 on FDI, investments and share markets • Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture Sector. Commerce & Management • Impact of COVID-19 on Banking/Insurance/Transport/Etc. • Challenges in front of MSME’s during and after locked down • Challenges in front of traders during and after locked down. • Challenges to fulfil the trained workforce after labour migration. • The prevention and management of staff in institutes during post era of pandemic Covid-19. • Challenges of managers during and after locked down • Marketing challenges & remedial strategies during and after locked down. • New theories of management after locked down. • Role of local products during locked down. Languages & Literature • Expecting life style of people in forthcoming period after pandemic Covid-19. • Fundamental Accountability of an educated citizen during pandemic presentiality. • Odd and even psychological effects among country people of disastrous presentiality of Covid-19. • Exploring new ability of writing during COVID-19 • Effect of COVID-19 on writers, poets, & thinkers. • Impact of locked-down & quarantine on reading habits. • Role of e-books & e-literature during COVID-19 Social Sciences: • Role of political and social organisations during and after locked down. • Impact of COVID-19 on International relations • Impact of locked down on assembly work system. • Political challenges during and after locked down. • Relationship between Centre & State Govt. • Changing structure of federation after COVID-19 • International Diplomacy in India and other countries after COVID-19 • Role of administration and citizens in health emergency. • Social distancing V/s physical distancing. • Religion, culture V/s treatment with COVID-19 deceased. • Religious places and locked down. • Social challenges during and after locked down. • Histories of epidemic diseases and teachings • COVID-19 and its historic impressions. • Humanity and moral responsibilities of human being during crises. Education & Sports • Role of digital education system during and post • Future of Education after locked down. • Advantages and Disadvantages of online teaching learning program in Covid-19 situation. • Collegiate student’s role during and post era of pandemic Covid-19. • Creating new technical resources for virtual meeting and online practical lab. • Impact of Covid-19 on Sport economy. • Scope of Physical Science and Technology in various fields after COVID-19 • Stress management other roles of yoga, pranayam & meditation during Covid-19 pandemic. • Stress management and mental health wellness tips for quarantine during pandemic covid-19 • Psychological effect of Covid-19 on Elite sport players. • Covid-19 and sport tourism. • Covid-19 impact on Sport and leisure industries. • Essential goals of health management during quarantine period. • Role of standard precautions and use of personal protective equipment during pandemic Covid-19. • Impact of social distancing and personal hygiene during Covid-19. Science & Technology • Covid-19 outbreak: psycho social support to youth • Covid-19 pandemic and need of vaccine. • Effectiveness of Plasma Therapy for Corona virus infection. • Ayurveda and Covid-19. • Role of vitamin D as an immunomodulator in Covid-19. • Strategic changes required to tackle health emergency. • Biodiversity at local, national and global levels. • India as a mega biodiversity nation. • Conservation of biodiversity at global level. • Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on healthcare crisis across the globe. • Impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the environmental issues. • Impact on Climate and various mitigation strategies. • Creating new possibilities in environmental pollution after the Covid-19 crisis. • Basic infrastructure changes required to tackle with pandemics.