India’s Tech Battle Against China.

20th October 1962, the date recorded as 1st Sino-India War, and also the only War India lost post-independence. China took it as a ever warfare theory of India, and attacked in 1967 again in Nathu-La, Sikkim region, in which India succeeded in saving its territory from being annexed by the infamous cheater of the Asian Region. 

China have always been immensely hungry for piece of lands, and there’s a major reason for its land hunger,  the rapidly increasing population and density per square foot. This lack of land is one of the major problem of the country which eventually leads it to several other problems of the nation, like compact industry setup, homelessness of the citizens, agricultural area shortage and many others. Instead of solving the problems by scientific method, it prefers attacking neighbour countries, and capturing their lands. Its not just India who has land dispute with this hungry nation, several other neighbouring states also has great problems with it. Hong Kong has got some very serious issues with China. 

China not only posses defence threat, but also economic and political threats, too. And now as per the world countries’ allegations, it has created a health threat to the world too, the Covid-19 virus. The virus, from which the whole world population’s life is on stake. And China is busy doing dirty business in this pandemic scenario.

China which is a major manufacturer, of goods in the World, was looked forward by other nations, even the world superpower, USA. China received a bulk order for masks and sanitizers during the pandemic situation. Instead of supplying quality products to the nations, it supplied foul products with worst quality. The most sarcastic supply was made to Pakistan, China supplied bad quality underwear to Pakistan labelling as Masks. The issue didn’t stopped there the complaint was coming from Italy, U.S, Russia, Britain, France and India, too. 

This economic supply warfare of China, is the worst warfare, by any nation, ever. Amidst this cheating Policy of China, India rose as a leading supplier of masks and sanitizers and medicines like Hydroxychloroquine, to the other nations, this was a great threat for Chinese economy which tried hard to stabilise itself by cheating the world. And eventually this cheating policy got exposed and China started a new policy of diversion of focus from Economic cheating to Defence Warfare. The Sino-India force Conflict in Galwan Valley was a calculated move of Xi’s dirty warfare. But, as Modi’s stubborn policy of nationalism was a great reply to Xi’s policy. 

Modi, now started a new policy of economic warfare against China, this policy of Modi is a threat to Xi’s Economic policies. All Chinese tenders and projects were cancelled in India, and its states. This led to a great economic loss for China. Modi started a new IT war against China by banning its apps, which were contributing in China’s economy, and has Indian users in a great number. Tiktok is a leading Chinese application with maximum Indian users, which is banned by the Government. And several other 58 apps were banned which is a great IT threat for infamous Cheater Chinese. 

India’s these Economic and IT warfare beside the defensive warfare is a remarkable policy of Modi Government of India. These policies attract several big industries and they are planning for mobilisation from the Chinese mainland to Indian Subcontinent. This economic and diplomatic warfare is not only a threat for the Chinese leaders but also a profitable move for the Indian Leaders and Creators. China needs to understand the fact that India is no more the Nehru’s India, now India has capability to attack its enemies on every front. Now, India is a  nation of strikes.