The Importance of Public Relations Department .

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Before come to know about the importance of Public Relations department, we must know what does it actually means and how it works in every different sectors. 
So now in order to understand from where it all had started, we should give a glance to the history , specifically that significant part which deals with the representation of ethical development i.e. none other than the four models given by James Grunig. 
The models from basic to sophisticated include the sequence - 
1.Press agentry/ Publicity
2.Public information
3.Two-way asymmetrical communication
4.Two-way symmetrical communication

Each model represents a specific ethical orientation that when considered collectively illustrates the ethical development of public relations. We can discuss about all these four models in brief just to get an idea about its further implications in broader aspects. 
  • Press agentry model- it deals with the first and foremost task to grab attention for the specific organization in order to do its publicity. 
  • Public information model- uses various media relations techniques to accommodate public relations information into different news stories. 
  • Two-asymmetrical model- it advocates two-way communication which must be persuasive. 
  • Two-way symmetrical model- this helps not only to create but also sustains mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and its customers or stakeholders. 
So basically from then to now the importance of Public Relations department has varied enormously , earlier people weren't well informed about the role of Public Relation Officers but now the emerging young minds of this generation are even looking for their bright upcoming future depending on this department, going to study vivid courses for further understanding about the work procedures and concerning strategies in this field on a broader aspect. Moreover there are many PR (Public Relation) agencies means those small business organizations or where there are no in-house PR departments engage the services of outside firm/agency to handle relations. Thus PR firm/agency/consultancy is an independent specialized business organization involved in the practice of public relations to counsel the client's organization on communication and relationships management besides executing public relations programmes. 
This department has professionals having extraordinary grasp in creativity and communication in order to handle the clients public relations activities. 

Important PR agencies in India which handle Indian and multinational clients include- 'Genesis Public Relations' in New Delhi (BBC World, National Geographic are its clients), 'Good Relations', a corporate office which is located in Mumbai with its branches in New Delhi, Chennai,Bengaluru, Kolkata and the know channel Ten sports is one of its clients. 
So this department deals with services like branding, crisis communication, corporate communications, maintain community relations and government relations as well, does marketing communications which involves promotion of products and services through such tools such as news releases, feature stories, brochures, media tours etc. 
Public Relations department does mandatory research and evaluation i.e. scientific surveys are conducted to measure public perceptions then it arranges news conferences , anniversary celebrations , rallies and national conferences on behalf of the clients. 
Not only the management is counselled on ways to achieve official and public support for such projects like building a business strong , expanding its reach and launching of a new product but also promotes corporate vision to the internal employees and the external public and reflects corporate vision in its positive dimensions.
So in a nutshell this department plays one of the most vital role in advising an organization or company to flourish its business in a much smoother way.