The Upcoming Silent Pandemic - Obesity

In Medical Science and Researches the term 'obesity' is none other than the silent pandemic . This is not just a statement rather we can call it a warning given by doctors, technically it means much more than to make common people (especially non-medicos) aware of the consequences that what would happen if they once get uncontrollably obesed. 

As we already know how our generation has become busy in coping up with the hectic schedule that affects our daily lifestyle thus most of us are habitual in consuming packed foods to save time from cooking stuffs, preferably regular fast foods for snacks time. And why specifically the fast food comes when we talk about obesity because for the business purposes the sellers wouldn't give us light and good quality oils, moreover after knowing these all we still crave for the same and thus nowadays we can see every other family has one or even more members suffering with this serious condition of obesity. Therefore doctors refer it as the upcoming silent pandemic which further lead to various incurable diseases. 

 Its cool if we are consuming the tasty oily street side foods once or twice in a month but besides that even if we eat then must do such exercises and proper workouts in order to avoid deposition of fats & cholesterol. Usually the good quality refined (unsaturated) oils like - Olive,sunflower, ricebran, soybean are preferred, as these oils contains less amount of Trans fat over Vanaspati or dalda. This saturated fat contained stuffs like desi ghee more in Vanaspati leads the bad cholesterol or low -density lipoprotein (LPL) level to raise in our body by lowering the high-density lipoprotein (HPL) or good cholesterol. Therefore main causes of becoming overweight or obesed are-
Unhealthy eating behavior which further leads to imbalance in energy i.e. the amount of energy we take in is not equal to the amount of energy out from our body through physical exercise, high amount of stress and sleepless nights. Sometimes even genetics and family history becomes a reason for the condition of being overweight. 

Now we will discuss about the measurement of Obesity. Medical practitioners measure the waist circumference and BMI to screen & diagonise obesity and overweight. According to the classification of World Health Organization (WHO), the person is obesed or not, can only be determined with the help of BMI
If the Body Mass Index (BMI) is less than 18.5 (irrespective of any gender) then the individual is said to be malnourished. Now the point is many of us are unaware about the fact how it is calculated. So the formula to measure the same is quite easy. 

Basically Obesity is a medical condition  which occurs due to the increase in the amount and size of fat cells (or excessive accumulation of fat deposit ) in one's body . 
It is regarded as the major risk factor for ample of diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, sleep apnea, coronary heart disease, arthritis, lungs and liver diseases, even risks to several types of cancer. Further in its extreme condition when the patient with obesity do not able to respond to any medicines or on the recommendation of a specific diet chart then the doctor may even do various surgeries (e.g. Gastric bypass surgery, Gastric banding, Gastrectomy ) . 
Some Symptoms like excess Snoring, depression, back & joint pains, breathing disorders such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and sleep apnea indicates the condition of being obesed.
So in order to maintain a healthy weight we have to consume the balanced diet with regular practice of yoga and workouts along with positive stress free environment. 
Let this already deaclared epidemic of Obesity by WHO to be under control from further becoming a silent pandemic in future days nd thus make sure that the people must value their health first with a proper consciousness in between their busy schedule to live a strong & healthy disease free lifestyle.