OTTs & Its impact on Youths.


Its very obvious for our parents to mock at us by teasing that how we would prefer to start our day --taking a tooth brush in our hand or with the shitty Android smart phones; though for most of us the word shitty implying to our extraordinary smart gadget of entertainment may be a lil bit annoying. In this world of internet, every information, news, education related stuffs, games and above all entertainment are easily available within our palm. 

Watching television is like out of the trend, actually its true indeed our generation somewhere lacks time and patience both but even comes to the group called the early majority, the sharpeness and thoughts regarding to the new innovations is quite commendable which has given rise to ample of advancements in the field of science and technologies and subsequently led to the rise in OTTs (over-the-top). Thus OTTs platforms has given a great opportunity for the youths to showcase their talents and thus provides lots plof employments to the people of this era, though there are innumerable criticisms and controversies regarding the concept how they make high profits through small screen and regulate big way to income using the youths. The emerging and popular OTTs like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, SonyLiv, Zee5, Hotstar etc. Now the point is that these OTTs have already threatened DTH services so we can't even imagine how the within such a short period of time the OTTs have put its magical impact to our generation.

And behind their popularity there lies an awesome strategy to make their contents with lots of spices and bold scenes in them.They usually target to catch people from a specific age group or community and make their contents accordingly. Nowadays every other youngsters have the subscriptions of one or more than one OTT at a time because not only for the fact that they provide contents with much more bold scenes but also they strategize to make these tales & web series available at a very low cost. 

Basically, we in our super hectic and busy schedule prefer watch movies & web series during those small breaks in between the work loads to make ourselves get a bit charged while making the mood light & fresh as well, then again paused and continue with our respect assignments or works so subsequently the scenario goes on. Its a truth that now they tries to capture the greater audiences from the youths making relatable contents in web series like Kota Factory, Four More Shots Please, etc. 
The era of popular web series started from Game of Thrones to the Indian originals now even in various regional languages . 

In brief we can conclude that yes the way to get entertainment via OTTs has developed a separate fanbase among our generation and it will continue to do so if it succumbs for giving such spicy and versatile contents. At the same time its a very vital message to our youths not to get any sort of addiction while watching those web series with adults contents especially below 18 yrs. folks should able to take the differences between the reel and real and thus must be well informed before they get access to such web series having more adults contents. We must kept in mind the practical life and scenes on screens no matter big or small they varied a lot and made only for making enormous profits so without wasting much time or get any kind of addiction can watch them just for entertainment . 

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