Audit Bureau of Circulation

Audit Bureau of Circulation(ABC) is a self financing, private and independent body charged with the responsibility of conducting regular audit of the "net circulation of newspapers and issues certificates of Net Paid Circulation every six months". It has a very high reputation of reliability and impartiality and is therefore coated with authority. The basic purpose of the organisation is to establish ground rules for counting circulation, make sure that the rules were enforced and also aims to provide varied reports of circulation data. 
There are many objectives of ABC which includes the following-
  • To dessiminate circulation data for the benefits of advertisers, ad agencies and newspaper publications. 
  • To verify the figures shown in these statements by the auditor's examination of necessary records. 
  • To issue standardise statement of the circulation of members. 

ABC reports help the advertisers as well as the newspapers. From the verified facts, the advertisers can draw their conclusion and prepare advertisement plans. Newspapers are also benefitted by the ABC report-
Firstly they gain both respect and confidence of the advertisers, 
secondly on the basis of the report,  they can peep into their own activities and programmes and make a modest review on the progress of the newspapers and makes the report which is an evidence of the newspapers worth.