Direct-to-Home (DTH)

Direct-to-Home(DTH) is none other than Direct Broadcast Satellite Television which is a type of communication satellite that usually broadcasts satellite television signals for home receptions using dish antennas and satellite ground station transmitting the signal. The DTH service provides satellite television programming directly to the subscriber's home anywhere in the country. Since it employs wireless technology, the subsequent programmes are transmitted to the subscriber's television set directly to the subscriber's television set directly from the satellite. This service do not involve the usage of cables or any other wiring infrastructure.
A DTH service provider has a base, a Ku-Band transponders from the satellite. The encoder converts the audio-video and data signal into a digital format and the multiplexer mixes these signals. At the user's end there has to be a small dish antenna and a set top box to decode and view numerous channels. On the user's end the receiving dish can be as small as 45 centimeters in diameter. DTH is an encrypted transmission that travels to a customer directly through a satellite. DTH transmission is decoded at the user's end using a set-top box. 

Direct-to-home services offer an unparallel pictures and sound quality that cannot be compared with any other television transmission technologies. It has been easier to get access to high quality full HD quality television programme with surround sound at the comfort of our homes due to DTH services. Not only this much it a very commendable feature that the services allows its viewers to only pay for the channels and services they want to access or use. Thus the viewer can select from the list of dynamic packages as per their preferences. Another important feature is that it provides Advanced Viewing Control Feature such as Electronic Programmes Guide allows the viewers to check current and future programmes of all channels. The presence of a parental lock, pre-booked pay-per-view feature makes it an extraordinary and comfortable services available at home.