Simple foods to keep the heat at bay

As the mercury keeps on raising and monsoon relief is yet to come we can keep ourselves cool by following some simple food hacks and no, I am not talking about consuming gallons of ice cream or soft drinks either. Here are some tips to keep cool this summer.

Watermelon: These hefty fruits are made up of 92% water, they are rich in amino acids and citrulline and help to lower blood pressure. Plus they contain lycopene which protects our skins from sun damage , as  these red fruits can help in hydration so you can consume them with delight and sigh with some relief this summer.

Cucumber (Kakdi): These fibrous food are not only stomach friendly as they reduce constipation but help you hydrate as well. These contain 95% water, are rich in antioxidant, vitamin K, vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium. These water-rich vegetables are low in calories so eat them in a salad or consume them as juice you recipe your choice.

Mangoes: The king of fruit, lives up to its title. These pulpy yellow fruits can be consumed in various ways: raw to aamras we Indians have a lot of recipes and we do look forward to summer for these sweet and succulent fruits. Rich in vitamin C, anti-oxidants, fiber and pectin make them the perfect candidate for helping in lowering of high cholesterol levels as well as deep skin cleansing.

Curd (Dahi): These microorganism processed food is not only gut friendly but also helps lower body temperature. They are made up of >75% water containing several vitamins and minerals like phosphorus, calcium and potassium all of these help in bone growth and digestion. Indian prefer to consume these probiotics as tangy buttermilk, sweetened lassi or raita.

Coconut water (tender coconut): Colloquially known by many names depending upon which region of India you are from, but all provide the same purpose that is to up your electrolytes. Rich in magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium, these help keep the kidney healthy, acting as a diuretic and help flush excessive body fluid and thus prevent kidney stones. So sip on and stay hydrated.

Tomatoes: Containing 94% water, rich in vitamins and minerals, immune boosting vitamin A and C, folate, iron, potassium and calcium. They not only hydrate but help protect skin as well, eat it as raw (in salad), chutney or sandwiches.

Onions: Although they make you cry while peeling, it helps prevent sun stroke because they are good heat absorbent. They are rich in antioxidant and compounds that fight inflammation, lowers cholesterol levels and help keep a healthy heart. These stingers can be cheerfully included in your summer diet.

Mint: Just the aroma alone can be give you a pleasant feel, so it is not hard to believe that they have cooling properties that help in beating lethargy. Even though they are used as additive to enhance your food they help combat stomach issues, allergies caused by heat rashes hence regulating body temperature.

Water: You need it so drink it, its the best way to combat dehydration, if you experience feeling tired, thirsty, dark yellow and strong-smelling pee or less peeing, dry mouth, lips or eyes and dizziness you might be dehydrated. Take plenty of fluids, rest and rehydrate.

With no respite in site till the monsoon arrives, we would have to rely on many such remedies to maintain our body temperature. This summer keep the heat away while staying healthy.