Music the stressbuster

Music not only has an effect on the soles of your feet, but also tends to sooth a stressed mind. The beauty of music is that you can listen to it anywhere, while doing anything and it instantly energizes you and revives your mood. In the recent year due to the pandemic you have undergone a lot of stress and anxiety so, you might have used music as a handy tool to destress.

Impact of music on emotions:

Music is created by people who have gone through a similar experience as you have. So, it helps you to identify with your emotions at a deeper level. Music can make you feel a roller coaster of emotions; triggering a feelings of excitement, sadness, relaxation, anger and nostalgia. Therefore, music has a herculean impact on your mood.

Method to use music as a stress relief:

The root cause of your stress and anxiety maybe anything but alleviating you from this situation may require a simple solution that is through music. You may not have saved a playlist or may not have downloaded many songs. But you can always go old school: use the radio, for this you don’t require a transistor, every phone has one. So, tune into your favorite station and rock to your jam, other than listening to advertisement, which can be dealt by changing the channels. It’s a pretty sweet and basic deal, classic to contemporary you can follow them all.

You can go add free by downloading music apps like ‘Gaana’, ‘Amazon Music’, ‘JioSaavn’ etc. Charges might be applicable and the internet is required.

If none of it pleases you, you’ll always have your trusted YouTube where there is a plethora of songs available for free provided, you have a data pack.

Here a list of different ways you could incorporate music as a stress buster into your daily routine.

Be the master of your own music:

If you’re a closeted R.D. Burman, why not create your own beats or perhaps write your own lyrics? You can even upload it online and get appreciated in the process, while being an inspiration.

If you’re not a hidden music intellect fret not, just do want we do: learn to play an instrument. Free classes are available online and you don’t need to spend hours doing it, practice when you have free time or over the weekend. It’ll alleviate your stress levels in no time and you’ll gain a skill to brag about.

During work or study:

When reports pile up so do the stress and anxiety level. If you’re studying for long hours, in order to reduce the tension you can put on some music of your choice and do your work to the beats of the music. This in no way means that if you might have an important test/presentation the next day and here you are practicing to be the next Indian Idol that'll only increase your stress level tomorrow.

During Chores:

Those of us who do work around the house are already stressed, just by quantity of the workload. Don’t pull your hair out or cuss while cleaning or cooking, just put on your playlist and rock it. Let the music provide you the energy required to dust around the house because you know, you’ll need it.

During Commute:

We travel for many N number of reasons nobody said you have to travel while gawking at others. You could simple listen to your songs and escape the tedious and mundane route, until you reach your destination. If you're on your way back from work you definitely need this stress buster more than ever. You can use ear/headphones or can be the one who gets nasty glares/cursed/laughed at, for playing it out loud for everyone to hear (talk about a social service, these days, nobody appreciates it anymore).

Music mellows you mood and helps you to even get a relaxed sleep at night. The power of melody does not stop here, from plant growth to help reduce neurological traumas its application ranges wide and far, according to recent research findings.

So, tune into you sound and rock your stress and anxiety away.

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