WHAT IS BABY DOGE? A spinoff of already existing meme cryptocurrency Dogecoin.


Recently price of baby doge saw a surge after crypto enthusiast Elon mask tweeted about it.Alternative tokens, also known as alt coins, have dominated the cryptocurrency industry in 2021. The year began with the Dogecoin explosion, owing to Elon Musk's tweets, and then there was the Shiba Inu coin, and now there is the Baby Doge.

Dogecoin's developers combined the popular Shiba Inu dog of the time with the burgeoning cryptocurrency notion. The Shiba Inu dog has traditionally been associated with Doge. This theme has grown in popularity to the point where it is now being used by others. This year, the dog received its own Shiba Inu coin, and now we have the Baby Doge, which has a Shiba Inu baby's face.

According to the coin's Twitter account, it is less than a month old, having launched 22 days ago. The development of Baby Doge's website is credited to "fans and members of the Dogecoin online community." This coin also has a "integrated smart staking system," according to the website, which allows users to add more coins to their wallets with each transaction.

Baby Doge has a market cap of $0.2 billion (at the time of writing), which may not seem like much in comparison to Dogecoin or Bitcoin, but is considerable for a coin that was only created a month ago. Dogecoin was designed as a joke and does not have the same principles as Bitcoin or Ethereum. All of the new coins that have been inspired by it are a result of social media mentions and appear to be even weaker.

Despite the fact that Elon Musk has increased the price of Baby Doge, it should not be taken seriously because it is a spinoff of an already existing joke currency. Even Musk's post was met with scepticism, with many crypto investors accusing him of manipulating the cryptocurrency market.