Social life

We always hear a lot about the negatives of social media and how large parts of our lives are in the hand of few massive companies , but what about the good things ? 

In the millennial age , may be 2 decades ago , there were mobile phones and internet  but it wasn't as same as it is now. Everything was much more slower and much more difficult. People still merely communicated by phone calls,  so if you made plans,  you had to stick to them or it could make you waiting in the rain. And now we're more connected than ever. Most of us are spending time everyday without friends , online and sharing our lives with people across the world. If you're feeling isolated or lonely or if there is anything you need help with , you can find a community through social media who can share their experiences and help you out. All this communication can lead to a greater understanding of each other and also brings some real change . It's hard to imagine something like the climate strike movements but all of this has become possible because of social media. It helped amplify the voice of the 15 year old activist in Sweden - Greta , so she's been heard around the world and that's a pretty direct benefit of social media. It has helped people to become better like donating money , telling your family that you're safe or by donating blood . Infact this alone has let 50 million people becoming blood donors around the world. Literally , lifesavers. So there really are some great benefits of social media but that's really in you. As they say , addiction is destruction.  So a balanced way should be inherited in order to make the best use of social media while being safe and healthy.  All of this in the hands of the new generation.

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