Importance of Nature

 Just like water and air , soil is equally important for existence.  Eduardo Mansur, FAO’s Director of the Land and Water Division says ,"We are celebrating a treasure beneath our feet which hosts a quarter of the planet’s biodiversity and provides about 95 per cent of our food." But human activities has caused some serious damage to the earth's soil. “Soil erosion can also cause significant losses in biodiversity, damage to urban and rural infrastructure and, in severe cases, lead to displacement of human populations”, explaines Mr. Mansur.  This is a serious issue which need to be looked upon. Many organizations are working on the betterment of the situation.  Many movements are being brought to save soil. Such is a global movement launched  by Sadhguru named ,: Save Soil. It's a necessary movement to save soil from extinction and bring the necessary policies to address the catastrophic issue facing humanity. This movement has gained support from global leaders including Marc Benioff , Jane Goodall, Dalai lama and institutions such as the United Nations and many more. This movement aims to raise awareness for this imminent crisis among 3.5 billion people to garner their support for these policies. Sadhguru  have started an arduous 30,000 km journey from 21st March as a lone motorcyclist traveling 26 nations from London to Southern India to elect their representatives to raise awareness. Save Soil addresses 12 SDGS of the 17 total United Nations sustainable development goals. It continues to do its fabulous work to save soil which in turns saves our mother earth.