Space : the unsolved mystery

There's so much going in the universe, it definitely deserves a day to reflect on everything.  National space day is celebrated on the first Friday of May reuniting scientists and space lovers from all over the country. It is celebrated to honor the extraordinary achievements, benefits, and opportunities that opened up so many new facts about the universe which we never knew before. This day is also  celebrated to promote Mathematics, Science, Technology, and Engineering,  collectively known as STEM, among young individuals and inspire them to pursue a career in science, including space science. National space day was created in 1997 and became a famous event that reached out to people from all around the world. In 2001 former astronaut and senator John Glenn changed the event to international space day and and its fantastic community makes the celebration greater every year. It's a wonderful opportunity for younger generations to learn about the wonders of space. It is also a great way to recognize all the careers that can be made in the space industry especially in Florida where all the major centers are located like the world famous Kennedy space station .

Many scientific organizations celebrate this day with demonstrations, gatherings, and educational programs. National space is a reminder and a reality check for people who think their problems are the biggest problems in the universe, when actually they're not. National Space Day is a day to celebrate humanity’s forays into the unknown, how far science has come, and the wonders that lie just beyond our atmosphere. If you learn only one thing today, make it something about space!